First Days Hosptial Sessions

First Days  Sessions (sometimes known as Fresh 48 Sessions )are a documentary style session that capture your baby’s first days in a sweet natural way.  They are held whilst you are still in the hospital capturing the bond between parents and their new baby with gorgeous natural images. I know that the first few days after having a baby are lost in a blur of excitement, exhaustion and sleep deprivation! That is why a First Days Session is the perfect solution!  I will come to your hospital room and capture this  precious time for you and your family in the comfort of your hospital room. These lifestyle sessions are pure and natural and perfect for remembering your first days with your new baby forever!

Having a professional photographer will allow for both you and your husband to be in photographs together along with any sibings.

First Days Sessions are usually done at the hospital or birth center within the first 48 hours of life. They are done in natural light which means they are shot during the daylight hours. The session itself is  30-45mins long. A First Days Session is special because there are very few (if any) things more important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of mums and parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labor and lack of sleep. I want you to REMEMBER how your new baby looked in those first days and to remember that time forever.

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