Mothers Day Mini Sessions

We all know that as Mum’s we are the ones always behind the camera taking the photos. As a Mum who loves capturing every moment I can, I  used to do this all the time too. We’ve all heard the excuses, ‘I’m carrying too much weight’, ‘I need a haircut’, ‘I look really tired today’ etc,  But the truth of the matter is, we want — and need — to be in pictures with our kids because these are images our children will look back at in the future, and we want them to remember that Mum was there with them. So hand the camera over, will the photo be as perfect as it would be if you were behind the lens? Maybe not. Will your kids care? Most likely not. Will you be happy to have captured your reaction to the moment? Most certainly yes. Because many years from now, when you’re spending the holidays reliving the past looking over old photos with your kids, you won’t remember that you were in desperate need of a haircut. You’ll remember the moments, the laughs, and the happiness you felt to be in the moment with your kids.

And that’s what this Mothers Day special is about, a Mini Session so you Mum’s can be in the photos too!

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