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My  Madison had her Year 7 Graduation last night and wow look how grown up she looks!! We spent the afternoon at the hairdressers with her and her best friend Arielle, and then meet with some of her friends for pics. I can’t believe this time next week she would of finished primary school and be heading off to high school. She is so excited about starting high school, I on the other hand am feeling a bit sad about her leaving the only school she has known and it is a great school. I know lots of the parents and when they go to high school it tends to change and you don’t have that same close contact with the school as you did when they were younger, well that’s what happened with my son anyway but that could be just boys…………………..


Anyway here’s a few pics of my gorgeous girl Madison





Yeah baby these nails are real………….


Not sure where this comes from but they felt they had to get a pic of them doing the Charlies Angel’s stance