Hi I'm Jenny

There are few things as life-changing as having a child as well as being one of most fulfilling things you will ever do. As a mum myself to three now grown adults, I have learnt how precious life is and also how fast each moment goes by. I never realised just how fast time was moving, until my children grew up before my eyes. 

My passion for photography started many years ago when my children were small – I wanted to capture every cheeky smile and every moment in between which lead me not only into photography, but to also become an avid scrapbooker, preserving memories is a part of me and a big part of my life.

I believe everyone deserves to have beautiful memories, we all know the heartwarming feeling you get when you look back on moments from years gone by. If you would love to capture some gorgeous memories of your family to cherish forever, then I am the photographer for you.