Family Session Prep Guide

Thank you for choosing me

I never take for granted that clients choose me to capture their memories. I am truly grateful for the trust they place in me and I consider myself to have the best job in the world.

I have put together this guide to let you know what to expect and how to prepare for your session. If you have any questions or concerns please just let me know. I am here to make this experience as stress free and enjoyable as can be.

Location, Location, Location

Below are a few of my favourite local places to photograph. If you like long grass the Bundamba field is certainly a favourite of mine with the sun setting in the distance.

If you prefer a more manicured look Kholo Gardens has gorgeous spots we can shoot also. If you have somewhere else special in mind, I'd love to hear about it.

What to Wear

Deciding on what to wear to your photoshoot can be quite daunting at first, but it needn't be.

Below are a few tips to get you heading in the right direction.

For women, maxi dresses and floaty skirts always look beautiful, and can add movement to photographs. Colours that are very popular at the moment are neutral, creams, burnt orange, sage green, all soft colours which look amazing.

If Mum is wearing a patterned dress I suggest to have the rest of the family compliment that dress by picking up those colours to tie in your overall look.

For men, a complimentary coloured shirt to match your partner, either casual button up or T-shirt, with jeans, chino style pants or shorts look really great and overall really smart.

Little girls always look sweet in dresses, again tieing in with Mum's dress or if Mum was in a plain colour and daughter with a pattern, would look just as good.

Boys wear something to match dad! Again, wearing something of similar colour or pattern to compliment each other will help to tie in your overall look.

Please steer away from any bold logos, bold patterns such as stripes or busy designs, this is especially important for children, little Johnny may love cookie monster now but in years to come it will date your images.

Also you don't need to spend a fortune on clothes for your photoshoot there are many afforadble options out there these days such as K-mart and Best & Less, Big W.

I had added a few colour options below to help you.

If you like most parents are stressing about how on earth your kids are going to manage and ‘behave’ for a photo session, I’ve got some advice for you!

It’s not lost on me at all how tricky this little people can be especially at the end of the day.There are certainly a few things we can do to help your session run smoother.


As a family photographer, please believe me when I say I am never bothered by kids behaviour during a photoshoot. I've seen it all. Some are boisterous and energetic, some are timid and shy. Some are a little bit of both! But my shoots are very relaxed and stress fee and whilst I'll try and get a few shots of you all looking-and-smiling-at-the camera, my main goal is to capture the little moments in between. The quiet moments, the real smiles, the cuddles and tickles in between. Your family, just they way you are.

Well fed and rested:

What I mean by this is give your children their day naps prior to the session or have a quieter afternoon so they are not too tired when the session time rolls around.

Full bellies = happy kids so give them a snack before the session and bring along some snacks for the car ride home. I suggest to bring 'clean' snacks such as crackers, nothing that will make on mess on their outfits.


If your child is prone to getting dirty even in the car, perhaps dress him/her in everyday clothes and get them dressed at the location. Just allow a bit of extra time before the session to get changed. It's always a good idea to have an extra outfit or shirt as well, just in case!

Try not to say Cheese:

Often parents coach their little ones before the session to smile 'cheese'. This creates forced unnatural smiles when we want real, natural smiles not forced cheesy grins. Plus I find that when mum and dad are super focused on getting the kids to look at my camera, I end up with a camera full of photos of parents pointing at me! I will engage with your child and ask them questions to get the natural smiles you are so used to seeing. Often we engage Dad to do a silly dance behind me, kids love seeing their parents be silly.


Hey I'm all for bribes but it also depends on the child. Sometimes it can backfire and the child will often ask for that chocolate bar he saw you hide in your purse multiple times throughout the session. Perhaps have something fun planned for after the session or a reward can be a better option. Maybe a trip to the park afterwards, or a quick play a Macca's playground on the way home, whatever you know your child will like. But if your child is food driven (and a lot are) if you think a little treat will help, by all means bring it, and we can use it only if necessary.

Don't stress Mumma:

I know as a Mum you are probably the one organising this photoshoot, and I want you to enjoy this experience. It’s not meant to be about perfection because life with kid’s never is. It’s fun, busy and chaotic and exhausting! I want you to play with your children and have fun with them and let me capture these moments.

Then once we are done, maybe make a evening of it, a lot of my clients head out for a family dinner afterwards.

Please if you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to let me know prior to your session.

What happens on shoot day?

Yay this is it, the day we are going to capture some gorgeous memories for your family. I will meet you at our arranged time and location. I will introduce myself to any children you may have, I want this to be enjoyable for them also. I will chat and direct you on exactly what to do as I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, all the while getting lots of beautiful images.

After our Session

Usually within 24 hours I will post a sneak peek up on social media (with your permission of course), this way you can get to see a sneak peek from your session which is so exciting! Then over the next week I will work on editing your images and getting your online gallery ready for you. I will send you a email with your online gallery usually within a week after our session. Then you can choose your package you would like to purchase and your images accordingly.

"'The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories'"