How to Preapre for your Child's Cake Smash Session

What to bring:

  • A outfit or two of your choice, I do have on hand several adorable outfits clients are welcome to use, just let me know what baby is wearing ahead of time.
  • A happy baby, please make sure baby is not hungry or tired before the session
  • Extra baby wipes
  • Dummy ( if baby has one)
  • Clean change of clothes (this is also good for Mum's as well just in case, especially if you are going out afterwards)
  • Towel for the bath portion of the session
  • Sipper cup in case baby is thirsty
  • Familiar toy (remember I am a stranger to your baby so it is good to have a familiar toy from home)
  • Strictly family only (I know grandma would love to come watch your childs Cake Smash session but the more people there are the more distractions therefor harder to connect and get your childs attention)

The Session

The session starts off with getting a few gorgeous shots of your baby before we introduce the cake. Then we move forward with the cake smash, and follow up with the bath at the end. We let your child discover the cake, while getting some gorgeous images in the process .


* A 30-45 minute fully stylised studio Cake smash session 

* A neutral backdrop & ribbon garland

* Balloons

* I have a few gorgeous outfits & Rompers to use (Parents are welcome to bring their own outfit and hair accessories if they wish)

* ‘Bath time’ photos in my white clawfoot bath with bubbles so baby can go home nice and clean

Just note I will need the parents help with this session especially once baby is on the *move* so be prepared to get busy and help.