How to Prepare for your Newborn Session

Congratulations on your new addition to your family! These first few days & weeks are just so magical and fleeting and it is such an honor to capture your little baby during this special time. Here are some tips & tricks I’ve found to be helpful in preparing for your newborn session so it can be as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

How long will the Session last?

I set aside up to three hours for your baby’s newborn session, often we don’t need that much time but this allows for feeds and short breaks to settle baby.

How do I prepare?

One of the most important things to remember is to give baby a BIG feed just before you arrive so he/she has a nice full tummy. If your baby uses a dummy PLEASE bring it along. I know some parents aren’t fond of these but I have noticed that a lot of baby’s are way more relaxed with one, even if you choose to never use one again it can really help the session run smoothly and get the gorgeous images we are after. 

What should baby wear?

There is no need to bring anything for baby to wear. I provide all the wraps, headbands, hats, clothes & props. If there is something special you want to bring it is important that the outfit be fitting for baby, oversized or too big outfits do not photograph well. Also if you do have a special blanket or wrap you would like to incorporate into the session you are welcome to bring it along on the day.

What should I wear?

I know some parents aren‘t excited about being in the portraits...please know that I can photograph around not having a full frontal and still capture the bond between parent and baby! Simple casual is best, I’d steer away from stripes, or anything too bold such a blacks, pastels. My recommendation would be a long flowy neutral coloured dress as this would ensure your images have that timeless look. Dads look best in neutrals, chinos and a nice casual shirt. Any siblings attending, neutral colours look great, you can also add in a few textures too. Please note, the studio will be warm, babies like being warm and it helps keep them settled and sleepy. You are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes if you think you will get too hot.

May we take photos during the session?

Generally speaking, I prefer that you don’t take any photos during your babys session, although I understand with social media being a big part of our lives these days you may take a ‘behind the scenes’ shot and if you do I’d love it if you tagged Jenny Ruddle Photography in it.

What happens if I need to reschedule the session?

I understand from time to time life or the unexpected happens, I kindly ask that if you do need to reschedule you let me know as soon as possible so I can make the time available for other bookings and we can chose another day suitable for you.

Are you vaccinated?

Yes I am completely up to date with all my vaccinations including whooping cough, yours baby's health is most important to me.

When do I see my photos?

Generally with 48 hours after your session I post a sneak peek from your session on my Instragam & facebook business page, please let me know if you do not wish for me to use any of your images in advertising. Your final gallery should be emailed through to you within the week for you to make your selections from.

I am bringing older children to the session, will they get bored?

Depending on the age of the siblings, it can get a bit boring for them to sit still. I suggest to bring some activities for them (Mum or Dad's iPhone usually workers wonders)

or if possible have Dad drive separate or Grandma meet at the studio to take siblings. Dad has finished with his photos and we have done the family ones there are a few parks nearby or some Dad's take them for a drive to Macca's or Orion which is 5 minutes down the road.

Do you have any concerns about your session?

Often clients worry that their child might not 'perform' for their session, please do not be concerned over this. I have had a lot of experience when it comes to Newborns, they do not always sleep, I have had baby's stay awake the whole session, while some sleep the whole time. If baby needs a break, we'll take a break, please don't stress if baby gets fussy. The session is led by the baby and that's why I allow extra time in case, rest assured we will get gorgeous images.